Wednesday, October 3, 2018

The Danger of not following your Passion!

Some great key take aways from this video on how we want to live our life and find success in our career. Work duty can guarantee it's a basic income but only sincere pleasure let work and generate sizable success. This is because success in the modern economy will generally only go to those who can bring extraordinary dedication and imagination to their labours and this is only possible when one is, to a large extent, having fun. Only when we are intrinsically motivated are we capable of generating the very high levels of energy and brainpower necessary to stand out from the competition. Work that has been produced merely out of duty will be limp and lacking next to that done out of love.

Yet we have to recognize that asking ourselves what we might really want to do, without any immediate or primary consideration for money or reputation which goes against our every, educationally-embedded assumption about what could possibly keep us safe. When people are suffering under the rule of duty, it can be helpful to take a morbid turn and ask them to imagine what they might think of their lives from the vantage point of their deathbeds. The thought of death may usefully detach us from prevailing fears of what others think. The prospect of the end reminds us of an imperative higher still than a duty to society: a duty to ourselves, to our talents, to our interests and our passions.

In other words, pleasure isn’t the opposite of work; it’s a key ingredient of successful work!!

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